About me

From my childhood on, the beauty and forces of nature fascinated me. I remember going on long hikes in the mountains, play hide and seek in my grandparents’ garden and turning every page of books on animals, plants and mushrooms I could find. Growing up, I found myself drawn to the more dark and morbid themes I like to explore in my works.

Today my art revolves around the occult, fairy tales and folklore and how nature shaped these old and my personal beliefs. To realize my visions, I mostly work in black and white with some bold blackwork in ink. I also use watercolors and gouache to bring my creatures to life. Some of my pieces decorate album covers, shirts, posters, or even human skin.

Besides my art, I deep dive into a wide variety of topics, take care of my houseplant family and listen to metal and punk.

Favorite Tools

  • Traditional: Ink and Pens · Water Colors · Gouache
  • Digital: Krita · Gimp · Inkscape · Scribus · Penpot


  • Kultimuddel by Kultiversum Jena (2019)


  • Bands: Stoned Monday · Pointless Fate · Flesh Incineration · EXA · …
  • Games: Chronotopia (Träumendes Mädchen)
  • Organizations/ Corporations: Kamitiro · Augenoptik Kümmel· Ostschule Gera · …