Art & Illustration

Creations for You

The journey through the online forest can be quite exhausting. Therefore I’m even more happy, that you found your way to my humble little place. Please take a seat and have some tea, wanderer. What can I help you with today? Would you like a custom piece to hang on your wall or for a friend? Or maybe an illustration for the fantastic story you’re currently working on? Whatever it is, I’m all ears!

Music visualized – Artworks for Bands

Tattoos – Art that goes under Your Skin

Trip Through my Mind

My personal work mainly revolves around nature, mythology, folklore and history. Bold black inks and moody watercolors bring witches and other woodland creatures to life. I also like to enhance my artworks digitally and capture nature’s wild side with my camera.

My Projects

Moons of the Year

Many myths and customs entwine around the moon, our celestial companion. This project dives into these stories and brings them together in an eternal calendar with twelve whimsical illustrations.

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