Art & Illustration

Personal Work

My personal work revolves around nature, witchcraft, and creatures from the abyss. Take my hand and stroll with me behind the dark veil, where the moon shines bright!

Music Art

One of my earliest dreams about a future in art was to visualize music and the feelings attached to it. Now this dream came true, and I have been working with great Metal artists from around the globe on album covers, shirts and posters.

Tattoo Designs

There might be no bigger honor than someone letting your fantasies be a part of their lives and bodies.

Current Projects

Ink Drawing of the Yul Goat

Moons of the Year

Many myths and customs entwine around the moon, our celestial companion. This project dives into these stories and brings them together in a series of twelve whimsical illustrations.

☽ More Infos coming soon! ☾

Witchy Stoner Tarot

I look into the future – and I see stones and weeds, mushrooms and oddly shaped glass bottles.

☽ More Infos coming soon! ☾

Find my newest pieces, sketches and sneak peaks on deviantArt and Ko-fi 🙂