About Me

I am CinnamonDevil, a self-taught traditional artist mainly inspired by the melancholy and the wistfulness of romanticism and the organic flow of the art nouveau. Besides of several dark genres such as horror and gothic my ideas derive from mythologies, music, the beauty and malevolence of nature and psychology. I primary work with inks, watercolor and gouache.

Artistic Resume
Flesh Incineration: Incinerating Ignorance · Album cover (2018)
EXA – Welcome to the pit · Shirt design (2018)
Stoned Monday – Artn’t · Shirt design (2019)
Pointless Fate – Return to Madness · Album cover and shirt design (2019)

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What I do

Personal Works

Witchy Stoner Tarot Deck Project

Commission Works

Find more of my works on deviantArt.

There are also infos on how to commission an artwork from me.