Welcome, curious Wanderer!

I'm CinnamonDevil and I will guide You through ink black woodlands.

Let’s start our wondrous hike!

The Roots…

From my childhood on, the beauty and forces of nature fascinated me. I remember going on long hikes in the mountains, play hide and seek in my grandparents’ garden and turning every page of books on animals, plants and mushrooms I could find. Growing up, I found myself drawn to the more dark and morbid themes I like to explore in my works.

… the Craft …

Today my art revolves around the occult, fairy tales and folklore and how nature shaped these old and my personal beliefs. To realize my visions, I mostly work in black and white with some bold blackwork in ink. I also use watercolors and gouache to bring my creatures to life. Some of my pieces decorate album covers, shirts, posters, or even human skin.

… and the Little Things

Besides my art, I deep dive into a wide variety of topics, take care of my houseplant family and play bass in a punk band.

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